New Incoming Terminal To Be Up By 2018 At Singapore Seletar Airport

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New Incoming Terminal To Be Up By 2018 At Singapore Seletar Airport

Post  propertylaunchguru on Tue May 31, 2016 1:51 am

As soon as the brand-new PTB is up and running, the ongoing procedures at passenger terminal on Seletar Airport western side will terminate. This is to accommodate the growth in air traffic and maximise efficiency in aviation functions.

The plan is likewise part of attempts to ease insistency on the invariably overbusy Changi Airport. A brand-new Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) will be up for construction at Seletar Airport, Civil Authority (CAAS) as announced on May 19.

As part of the ultramodern and vast Seletar Aerospace Park (SAP), the rising PTB will have finer facilities and amenities and it significantly gain standard air travel activities at the eastern sidelong of the airport. The terminal is set to be completed by closing of 2018 and the construction for the new PTB is arranged to begin October this year after the bid for the construction was issued last May 18.

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