Whitley Residences @ Whitley Road

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Whitley Residences @ Whitley Road

Post  propertylaunchguru on Sat Apr 26, 2014 11:51 pm

Whitley Residences by Hoi Hup Pte Ltd offers a newer freehold Strata Landed Apartments inside the former Whitley Height and Whitley Road, Singapore District 11. Showcasing 58 units of Strata Semi-Detached properties and three units of Strata Terrace with attic room, Whitley Residences lie on a massive site area of 130, 165 sqft and is possibly the greatest freehold land within District 9 10 and 11 that's obtainable for strata landed dwellings. Top expected to become in 2017.

Experiencing a security of deluxe and modesty to make your lifestyle effortless and excellently great. A quality of life which is well-planned and a residential area which enhances your own personal style on how to live life with secure and safe area.

Amenities of Whitley Residences

Flexibility through the endless busy pace of existence is precisely what we required for a place to reside. Removing away negative vibes you cope with as you decide on to dwell at The Whitley Residences might be not an selection, it is just a demand inside to generate a great place in making yourself at home and secure.

In recent world everyone of us are wishing for a spot wherever we are ready to obtain a combination of convenience, availability, trend and layout, several characteristics a fantastic trend and a safe, relaxing area to dwell in. Simply because in these days you can easily all get the things we wanted for and needed in just one set at the same time. Convenience at all is precisely most people are looking and anticipating for in a place where you can stay and luckily spend a lifetime with our a special loved one.

For more info on the Rising Projects, visit http://www.newlaunchmummy.com/.

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