MY spose property

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MY spose property

Post  ilserosenberg8299 on Mon Dec 03, 2012 10:29 pm

Hi Everyone,
My American spouse and I (EEA citizen) will be relocating to the UK in the next few months.
I read that in the UK it works pretty much like here in the US where you need to have a good credit history when you apply for a credit card or to rent a property.
I also read that unless you pick a sub-lease or a shared accommodation, which is something we want to avoid, real estate agencies run a credit check before renting an apartment to somebody.
We both have excellent credit histories and a very good credit score here in the US but of course nothing in the UK. Is there a way for us to use our American credit scores over there?
We were thinking to request a copy of our credit report and bring it with us to the UK.
Do you think we can use our American credit histories when dealing with realtors in Britain?
Thank you very much indeed for your opinion!


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